If you have been Baptized, then you have been called to Confirmation. It is not a question of "What shall I believe?" It is a response of "Here I am".

The final Sacrament of Initiation, the celebration of Confirmation is a momentous cause for rejoicing in the Church. As these teens take upon themselves the full inheritance promised them in Baptism, the entire Church welcomes them, noting the new permanent mark upon their souls...

That these young men and women have been Sealed in the Holy Spirit.

A "Rite" not a "Right"


While the Church rejoices with each person she can bring into full initiation through Confirmation, she also recognizes that this Sacrament is far greater than a tick on a checklist of faith. It carries with it a grave responsibility, to live, proclaim and defend the faith. As such, the Church has established a criteria for those seeking Confirmation to ensure that they do so in full knowledge of the grace and duty they are taking upon themselves, as well as to equip them with the tools necessary to bring the blessings of this Sacrament to fruition. 

So if you are ready to take on the fullness of your faith, to accept the Holy Spirit into you heart in a new and powerful way, and recieve a mark of this grace that will last unto eternity; then sign up for our Confirmation Preparation program, and allow the power of the Holy Spirit to overcome YOU.