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Life Teen Registration 2016-17


Life Teen registration is always open. Please click here to register today! Cost is $75/child.

If you have any questions or difficulties registering, please contact David Mims at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

LIFE TEEN (High School)


High school is tough.

But its not always the grades which hit the hardest. In today's world, the teachings and morals of the Catholic Church are often abandoned or attacked, making it incredibly difficult for teens to learn about and be formed in their faith. At Sacred Heart, we recognize this struggle that many of our youths face, as well as the concern their parents may have as a result. That's why we have invested in Life Teen, a program dedicated to "Leading teens closer to Christ." It is specifically designed to help high school aged teens explore and take on their faith. We believe in every person's right to the TRUTH, and we are dedicated to bringing that truth especially into the new generation of the Catholic Church; OUR YOUTH!

What does Life Teen offer the high school teen?
Through Life Teen, the high school teen is given a chance to enter into a real relationship with Christ. We know that Christ is the center of our Christian faith, and that He alone holds the key to true happiness and success. How do we accomplish this? By bringing Christ's love to them!  Life Teen brings the revealed Truth of God and presents it in a fun and engaging manner that builds on the value system already written in their hearts, exposes them to the Sacraments and the power within them, and truly centers them on the Eucharist and the amazing glory of Christ, physically present and giving Himself to us. This is by no means an exhaustive list, as there is no end to what the Holy Spirit can do with open hearts, and we here at Sacred Heart Life Teen desire to give the teens of our parish the greatest opportunity to have their hearts opened and filled with Christ.

Of course our program also meets all Archdiocesan guidelines for catechesis of high school teenagers, ensuring that the youth are able to trust the formation which they are receiving, as well as the safety of the environment in which they are learning. Our Catechetical nights include topics on: 

♦ Old Testament ♦ Christology ♦ Mariology ♦ New Testament ♦ Sacraments ♦ Prayer & Worship ♦ Catholic Life & Belief ♦ Social Justice ♦ Church History & World Religions ♦ Christian Lifestyles ♦ Sexuality ♦ Relationships ♦ Morality & Decision Making...and much more...

So whether you don't know God at all, or have the Catechism memorized, if you are a high school teen, Sacred Heart Life Teen is for YOU!

We hope you will come join us at one of our events, and look forward to journeying alongside you. 

May the Lord always be with you, and may you never say "I am too young!"

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