Mission Statement:
Our parish is engaging in a threefold response to the present scandal: pray, inform and act. We invite you to join us.
We seek first to take everything to God and to listen in prayer to what he asks of us. While these prayers have many intentions, they center on the need for the healing of all survivors of sexual abuse, their families and also for the healing purification of our Church.
We keep our parishioners informed on the status of the scandal, the Church’s response and our parish efforts to promote healing and justice. Our efforts to openly communicate are also meant to encourage and strengthen transparency and accountability in our Church.
Action is the response of Jesus in the face of any injustice which we are called to courageously imitate. Rooted in prayer and with accurate information, we desire to be a part of the solution to the pandemic of pedophilia. Our actions must be concrete and relevant in order to strengthen our protection of children and youth.
  • Sunday, January 29, ASCEND NIGHT- confession and Adoration with worship and praise. Join our High School Youth as we worship Jesus and pray for his healing - 7-830pm in the Church.
  • Join with the parish family for a monthly Rosary, Confessions, Mass and a Holy Hour as we ask Mary, Queen of Peace, to intercede for us. Watch for dates and times as we begin this in February. The Rosary and Confessions start at 5pm, Mass is at 630pm with our Holy Hour at 730pm. This event is bilingual. Bring the family.
  • Pray a favorite devotion of Pope Francis- the Novena to Mary, Undoer of Knots - at home with your family, gather with neighbors or join parishioners to ask our Blessed Mother to pray for healing and for guidance.
  • Join a Small Church Group or form a new one to participate in our Lenten prayer groups - “Healing Our Church” - a Renew International program available March 1, 2019 in English and Spanish. (888-433-3221)
  • Keep parishioners informed of the status of the scandal by communicating via the bulletin, a special front page in our website and through Facebook
  • Prepare parishioners via bulletin messages and homilies about the soon to be released lists of credibly accused priests of the dioceses of Texas (the deadline set by the Texas Bishops for this release is January 31st)
  • Share information provided by the archdiocese, especially from our Archbishop, Daniel Cardinal DiNardo
  • Follow and promote dialogue with church members regarding the Summit of the leaders of Bishops Conferences worldwide with Pope Francis this February to address this problem in the church
  • Enhance our website to facilitate ease of use and ability to locate quickly all information we post on the scandal
  • Partner with Children’s Safe Harbor to provide workshops on preventing sexual abuse, reporting it, and getting help for survivors
  • Partner with local counseling agencies to provide Support Groups for survivors of sexual abuse and their family members
  • Develop a Parish Ministry (Sexual Abuse Prevention and Care) to establish annual goals developing our efforts towards healing, transparency and accountability
  • Partner with the Archdiocese to ensure all parishioners in any public ministry take CMG PROTECT (replaces VIRTUS) to increase awareness and understanding of the sexual abuse of minors and how to prevent predators from acting within our society and Church.
  • Provide contact information to report the sexual abuse of minors and where to get help including steps for reporting and to whom (CPS and the police)
  • Publish the name and contact information of the Archdiocesan Victim Assistance Coordinator (VAC): Diane Vines, 713-654-5799, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.