Parish Advisory regarding the Texas Right to Life organization

Dear Brothers and Sisters,


I believe many of you have likely heard the news that this week our Texas Conference of Catholic Bishops (TCCB - all the Roman Catholic Bishops in the state) issued an advisory against the Texas Right to Life (TRTL) and in it enumerated several concerns. Please see article below or click here to download.


I ask your prayers as you read it and, as Catholics, your support for our shepherds who, as successors to the apostles, are the Lord’s guides for us. At this time I ask us to pray and work for a meeting (likely not the first one) between the TCCB and TRTL so that they may reconcile their differences and we may be stronger as a result.


Disagreements between individuals or groups occur and can be resolved if both parties are willing to work it out without compromising the conscience of both parties and the fundamental truth on which they may differ.


On the matter of receiving Holy Communion in the hand or on the tongue, standing or kneeling, and the recent statement of Cardinal Sarah indicating receiving in the hand and standing is part of a diabolical attack - let us await the response of our Holy Father, Francis, and their brother Cardinals. We should remember that Jesus himself gave Holy Communion in the hand to the apostles when he instituted the Eucharist at the last supper and that this was the holy practice of the early church for centuries. I remember as well the teaching of St. John Paul II when I lived in Rome that he had posted in St. Peter’s Basilica sacristy as a message to priests from all of the world: "No priest has the right to tell laity to receive Holy Communion on the tongue only. It is the choice of the recipient to receive in the hand or on the tongue." Some would distort this clear teaching of St. John Paul II and seem to work to fulfill a prophecy of schism rather than working, as did the early Church Fathers, to promote and defend the unity of the Church.


Let us pray for Pope Francis and all Bishops to work together under the guidance of the Holy Spirit to teach and explain the tenants and practices of our Catholic faith.


May we not be caught up in these disagreements to the point that they rob us of our peace but rather work together trusting in divine providence to guide us to a truthful resolution.


Trusting in the everlasting love of Jesus,

Fr. Philip Wilhite, Pastor




40 Days For Life

Fr. Philip invites you to participate in prayer during the “40 Days for Life” Prayer Vigils on 6 Thursdays beginning February 15 thru March 22 from 8 am-5 pm at the Spring Planned Parenthood located at 4747 Louetta Rd, Spring, Texas 77388.

Fr. Philip le invita a participar en la oración durante las Vigilias de Oración de los "40 Días por la Vida" los 6 jueves del 1 de febrero al 15 de marzo de 22 am a 5 pm en el Spring Planned Parenthood ubicado en 4747 Louetta Rd, Spring, Texas 77388.