Pastor's Message

A Message from Fr. Philip

Brothers and Sisters,

As we celebrate the 2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time, we are encouraged to ask: who am I? Our Gospel focuses us on Jesus and his baptism with John the Baptist identifying him as the Son of God. This is our Savior's central identity by which he lives his life in union with his loving Father and according to his will.

In answering the question regarding our identity do we think about our own baptism? Is our central identity, according to us, our relationship with God? In baptism God not only forgives sin but also adopts us as his children and infuses us with the theological virtues of faith, hope and love. God shares his divine life with us through the grace of baptism and empowers us to understand and live this Sacrament. We live this by nurturing our relationship with God and by loving and serving others.

When and where were you baptized? Does your relationship with God serve as the foundation for all your other relationships? How do you nurture your relationship with God? Will you give God some of your time this year and attend a retreat to intentionally grow this relationship?

Baptism also calls us to serve others as Jesus serves and so we consider how we do this now and whether or not our actions indicate a willingness on our part to follow the Lord. Some serve simply from an altruistic nature and some do so because others encourage them. As Christians we serve because Christ served and taught us to do the same with love.

Let us thank God for our Baptism today and make a plan to live and further develop our lives as Christians in 2017.


Fr. Philip Wilhite, Pastor

Buy a brick, build a Church! Thanks to all who have already given to our Capital Campaign!! Soon we begin to build...may we do so because it's God's plan and for his glory.