Confirmation Sponsor is not a ceremonial role...It is a journey of faith on a trail which requires support.

Being a Confirmation Sponsor means more than showing up on the Sacrament date and standing behind a candidate; it means opening one's faith life to a young person, and standing with them as they progress in God's will for their life. It doesn't require copius knowledge of the faith, nor even perfection in living it out. What it does require is a love of the person you sponsor, and a desire to help them reach God. 

All sponsors must be Confirmed Catholics in good standing with the Church. 

While it starts there, it should never end there. A good sponsor should take an interest in their candidate's formation process, building a faith rapport which can be carried into the life long after the Sacrament is completed. When you present your candidate, you say to them and to the Church, "I am here for this person. I will help them on the journey." What a great responsibility. What a powerful blessing. 

Being a sponsor is a great honor and a great duty. That's why we want to help you along the way. We will be providing your teen with resources for you, to help them not only in recognizing their responsibilities, but to aid in starting those conversations that can lead to a spiritual relationship that will solidify both parties in living their faith. Thank you for being a sponsor, and braving this journey of faith with our youth. May God bless you and your candidate!